So, I figure you either know that word or you don’t.

If you do, then you probably won’t need to read any further because I’ll bet you’re already familiar with the fellow sitting over there to the left.  That’s author Elmore Leonard, he of the four dozen mega-popular crime and suspense novels, many of which have been adapted into equally mega-popular movies.  Books like Get Shorty and Mr. Majestyk and Out of Sight.  And he’s screenwritten and collaborated on and executive produced a ton of screenplays for the big and small screens.  Such as the awesome series Justified on FX right now.

Well, the reason I bring him up is that I was cleaning out some files over the weekend and came across an article he wrote detailing his 10 Rules of Writing.  It’s actually titled, WRITERS ON WRITING; Easy on the Adverbs, Exclamation Points and Especially Hooptedoodle.

Ah, see, now you get it.  The whole hooptedoodle thing.  Well, if you don’t yet, you will.  Just click on Mr. Leonard’s photo there and you’ll be whisked away to the New York Times and the original article.  Writers: you’ll find sage wisdom there, from a pro among pros.  Non-writers: it’s still a great article.  And you never know . . .

Just a thought.


Know Your Place

So, I had a work gig a few days ago in the uber-rural town of Price, Utah, the political seat and largest town in Carbon County.  I left my hotel in Provo, home of Brigham Young University, at 7:30am actually looking forward to 90 minutes of digital downtime. I’d been warned the Highway 6 route through tall-walled Spanish Fork Canyon plays havoc with reliable cell signals, and I was hoping for a quiet respite from my usual endless drone of phone calls and emails.

Before I knew it four paved lanes had narrowed to two, shoulders steepened, side-roads disappeared, and recently-patched asphalt began a serpentine wander through a desolate, rocky landscape straight out of some John Wayne oater.  Stratified layers of limestone and shale towered above me on either side, their near vertical cliffs streaked with rosy pink sandstone.  The occasional glitter of pyrite and mica flecks sparkled when the morning sunlight caught it just so.  And then suddenly the steep walls dropped away and revealed an astonishing vista of ancient mesas more numerous than I could ever imagine.

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Johnny and James

So, if you haven’t been following this phenom Joshua Ledet on American Idol, you’re missing out.  The kid’s got insane pipes, as evidenced this week by his rendition of James Brown’s It’s a Man’s World.

Love this archived photo of the Godfather of Soul showing Johnny Carson what it’s all about.

And as a side note, I found this snapshot posted on a sweet blog that my buddy Tod turned me on to: http://www.mynameisandy.tumblr.com

Just a thought.

Not Far From the Tree

So, my kid’s a writer!

This is the younger daughter, Kylene.  Former national jumprope champion, high school English teacher, Peace Corps volunteer to Thailand, and now Nintendo corporate trainer.

And exceptional blogger.

Her first blog focused on Thai cooking — check it out, it’ll make your mouth water: www.kycooksthai.com

Her new blog is all about living and loving life.  Passion and existence.  Rapture and essence.  Like you might experience at a baseball game.

Follow her at www.raptureandessence.wordpress.com

Just a thought.

What are you?

So, I’m standing in my driveway the other day when the 7-year old neighbor girl four houses around the cul-de-sac comes scurrying down her driveway, tennis shoes a-fly, and banks right on to the sidewalk heading my direction.  Her little hand clutched a bright yellow personal walkie-talkie, the kind that all the moms and dads are using these days to stay in touch with their neighborhood-roving kids.  I knew she had a couple of BFFs (can 7-year olds have BFF’s?) on the street right behind ours and figured she was heading over there for a visit.  As she got closer to me the pattering of her feet abruptly slowed and she screeched to a halt.  Seriously.  I could swear I heard this little screech sound.

And then this sweet little girl and I had an exchange of words which simply and profoundly altered the next couple of hours of my life.

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Love suspense thrillers? Then watch the Tour de France!

First off, I’m not a biker.  My tender ass doesn’t mesh well with the cushion-less saddles and my aging physique swathed in multi-colored LYCRA would only lead to much chuckling.  No, I write suspense thrillers.  And that’s exactly why the Tour de France is
some of the best television I’ll ever experience.

J’adore Le Tour de France.  And so will you.  Here’s why:

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The Snakeman and my brother Scott

Bill Haast died the other day.

The announcement almost slipped by me, a half dozen words splashed in the corner of a news website I visit.  And even then it took me a second for the name to register.

Bill Haast . . . wasn’t he the guy with the snakes?

So, I clicked on the link and read about the death of Bill Haast, the self-proclaimed Snakeman, and perhaps the most influential man in my big brother’s life.

Bill Haast passed away in his sleep at age 100 after achieving international renown as one of the greatest snake-handlers who has ever lived.  He caught his first garter snake at age 7, and when he was barely 12 years old he was bitten by a timber rattlesnake and spent a week in the hospital recovering.  That wouldn’t be the only time.

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 Thanks for taking the time to visit my new website!

Here you’ll find information about my new suspense thriller, Brother’s Keeper, as well as updates on its sequel in progress, The Ferryman’s Wake.

BK’s been available at the www.amazon.com site for 6 weeks now and I’m walking on air to see how many readers have downloaded it to their Kindles, iPads, iPhones and iTouchs, or have loaded the app on their PC’s and Mac’s to read it there.

Reviews have been nothing but positive, which is certainly humbling, and I even have some fans on the Brother’s Keeper Facebook page — people that I have never even met before.  Click on the tab above for more information about the book.

Thanks again for the support, and please spread the word.

Happy reading!